2017 IABC Eastern Regional Conference


May 4-6, 2017


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2018 IABC Eastern Regional Conference Audio Files:

General Sessions: 

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Biblical Answers vs the World's Answers for Transforming the Mind

This session will discuss how the post-Christian world is transforming the minds, beliefs, values and behaviors of the upcoming generations by removing the Bible and Christianity from daily life and how Biblical Counseling can counter worldly brainwashing.  


Biblical Answers vs. Cultural Answers

The Bible speaks with authority and relevance to many of the hot-button news and events of our day. For Christians to be able to counter the culture and provide Biblical answers, requires that we become better informed believers with solid Biblical answers. As we do this, we will discover that we are emboldened and more effective in engaging our culture with biblical truth.


Biblical Answers vs. Man-made Goals

Why are so many Christians frustrated in life even though they have Jesus? Is it because we have made up our own ideas of what God has promised and distorted God’s Word to suit our own desires? Is there a way to find joy and peace in the midst of a hard and trying world? AMEN, there is!


The Only Answer

The greatest problem of man hasn’t changed since the Garden of Eden. The problem of sin still has only one answer. This plenary session will focus on keeping Jesus Christ and Him crucified at the center of our counsel.


Real Families, Real Eternity

Within the church we so easily elevate people in relationships that surpass what God has intended for relationships to be.  In this session we will look at what it is to be an everlasting family.


Pharmakeia: The Necessity for Dependence #1 

Most people today believe that psychoactive substances and psychotherapies are proven remedies for mental and behavioral problems categorized in the DSM-5 as mental illnesses. Biological psychiatrists in particular and society in general are convinced not only that psychiatric disorders are biological diseases but also that psychoactive drugs are agents that will fix genetic variances, supply missing chemicals, and correct brain dysfunctions. In other words, mind-controlling drugs are believed to be medicines which require dependence in order to restore the mind/psyche/soul. But what does Scripture say about attempting to treat the soul with mind-controlling substances? This session will look at what is actually taking place in psychopharmacology from both biblical and psychiatric perspectives.  


The Truth About ADHD  

The number of children being labeled as having ADHD and stigmatized as abnormal continues to grow rapidly. Controversy and misunderstanding surround the topic of ADHD, and despite technological advances, leading clinicians and theorists continue to lack valid answers to explain or remedy the mindsets and behaviors known as ADHD. No one on any side of the issue denies that children are struggling and misbehaving, but how those behaviors are perceived, interpreted, and addressed are regularly disagreed upon. The Bible offers a unique and reliable approach to interpreting and resolving the behaviors known as ADHD. This session will begin the discussion by addressing the underlying philosophies and history that have created the construct of ADHD. Attendees will be able to better biblically discern what is actually taking place with children labeled as having ADHD, how to best help them, and gain general clarity on the psychiatric construct.

 Workshop Sessions:


Biblical Challenges for Biblical Counselors

What's your first impression when God brings a needy counselee to you? I confess, my attitude is tainted many times by what I see and smell or what I have heard. Then pride becomes an issue. Let's be honest ...let's test our attitudes to living examples and see how we do.


Waging War 

2 Corinthians 10:3-4 says, "For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds." We do not wage war against believers or unbelievers, but we are to wage war against sin and Satan. C.S. Lewis said that we do not want to give the devil too much credit and we also do not want to deny that he exists. In this workshop we are going to discuss how we can be prepared to wage war daily against sin and destroy all strongholds in our lives.



Living as a Victor 

We live in a very feelings saturated society today. Everyone is easily offended and everyone dictates their lives by how they feel. We often think as victims rather than victors. Victims are only concerned about how others are treating them. Victors are concerned about how they need to treat others and how they can live to glorify God in any and all circumstance. Through this workshop we want to look at several ways we can live as victors rather than victims.


Counseling Parents of Rebellious Teens

How can we respond biblically to parents who are seeking help for their rebellious teen? Does God's Word have answers that are relevant to the days we are living in?  In this workshop we will learn what is and what is not their responsibility by looking at some biblical examples and how can they can apply those principles in their own lives?


How to Forgive the Unforgivable

Offended people hurt, and their understanding is darkened. Please pray that this workshop  will be an effective tool for equipping you to discover and counsel God’s truths for resisting the bait of being offended in your relationships with God, self, family, church, friends, work associates, and even those who think of themselves as your enemies.


Pharmakeia: The Necessity for Dependence #2  

This second session on pharmakeia will continue the discussion from session one. 


True repentance and Faith

This workshop will focus on: What is true repentance and faith. We will look at what God's Word says about worldly sorrow and godly sorrow.


The Dynamic Heart in Daily life

This workshop will focus on: Considering Circumstances and Discerning Heart Responses. The heart responds in three overlapping ways: Belief, Desire, Intention. These responses of the heart function either by faith or by sin.


Getting Personal in Suffering

God is not impersonal. In the miracle of the incarnation He disclosed Himself to us and made Himself close to and very personal with us. He did not shun our pain and sorrow but made it His own. When we help others in pain, we meet them on their turf, embracing them as fellow sufferers, to lead them out of the mud of confusion and into the green grass of God's grace.


It Can't Get More "Real" than That!

A woman whose daughter was killed in the presence of her brother; a young man so desperate and hopeless that he was seriously tempted to end it all. Can behavioral approaches, self-esteem and the latest trend of self-compassion really help these people? What can change a suffering heart to find real hope in the face of such desperate situations? The Word of God addresses the very core of their hearts with amazing clarity and with unquenchable hope. Find out how….


Facing Trials in Your Marriage with God

Married couples today are facing real life problems in their marriages that can seem overwhelming.  Many are looking for real answers in the midst of all they are going through.  In this workshop, we will see how God uses trials in a believers marriage to grow us in the grace and knowledge of who our Heavenly Father is.


Gray Issues

How do we please God in situations that are not explicitly commanded or prohibited in Scripture? What do we do with disputable or chooseable preferences, convictions, freedoms and restrictions? How do we build each other up when we don’t always have the same conscience? Come find out


How God Changes Us in the Midst of Real Life Issues—The Bible calls you to live a Christ-like life. But how can you do this in the midst of seemingly impossible daily challenges? Everyday entanglements bind you or preoccupy you. Perhaps you struggle to get through each day. Worries, emotions, relationship struggles, financial problems, perhaps even addictions keep a person in a constant state of anxiety. It is so easy to be too tired, too frantic, or too lazy to even consider a closer relationship with Christ, let alone to live like Him. How can you change? How can any one of us even attempt to live Christ-like lives? The answer is that you cannot do it by yourself. Nor can you do it quickly. But there is an answer found in Jeremiah 17 where 4 metaphors (pictures) are used to describe how God changes us in the midst of real life issues. This workshop will provide you with a four-fold approach that you can use to help those you counsel become more like Christ in the midst of their real life challenges.


Birthing a Counseling Ministry in Your Church

The workshop will discuss areas to consider in building a counseling ministry which equips the saints for biblical counseling within the church, for the church, and under spiritual accountability to the church. Identifying the mission of the ministry and establishing its practical functioning are both necessary in birthing a counseling ministry in your church. 


Biblical parenting in a postmodern world:

Do we follow God’s plan or the world’s example in parenting? Do we view our children as the problem without examining ourselves. We will encourage parents to think biblically in how they teach, train, discipline and build relationships with their children.


The Kingdom of God

Often Christians can believe that the kingdom of God is far away in eternity, but Christ taught that the kingdom of God is new life through Him that will last for eternity.


Satan's Devices

Our adversary the Devil, knowing that his time is near, is intensifying his attack on God's people. God however has provided for us the weapons to fight and not faint. This workshop is designed as an aid in the good fight of faith.


How to Become an IABC Certified Biblical Counselor

This workshop is for those interested in certification as an IABC Biblical Counselor through FFBCC. It will provide an explanation of the checklist of IABC requirements and how to practically fulfill them, and provide an opportunity to experience actually biblically counseling yourself. Be sure to bring your Bible, and be ready to do a little work!


How to Drive Yourself Insane

This workshop will examine non-organic causes of insanity and how to prevent it by retraining the mind.


Martin Luther's Biblical Reform of Sex in Marriage

In celebration of the five-hundred year anniversary of the Reformation, which included the reform of marriage, this workshop will begin with Martin Luther's teaching on the goodness of marriage and sex. We will open our Bibles to gain an overview of the sacred subject, sex, and we will consider ways to help grow the joy of sex in couples that need sexual reformation.


Living Amongst Catholics

With 1 in 5 Americans claiming to be Catholic, it is important that we know what the true doctrine and teaching of the Catholic Church are and what individual Catholics truly believe. In this workshop we will discuss ways to reach out to individual Catholics and impact their lives with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.