History of FFC

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”  Psalm 127:1

 Days Inn

Faith Fellowship Church had its beginning when a group of concerned believers met late in the summer of 1987 and determined to start a new work. “New Work Fellowship” as it was known until our present name was adopted, held its first official worship service at the Days Inn, on Genesee St. on September 6, 1987.     

The purpose of this ministry is best stated by quoting from a list of guidelines that served as parameters from which the committee would work. Stated as follows it read: “The new work must be guided, captured, and enthralled by the TRUE vision of its mission --- to fully evangelize our community, (soul-winning, discipleship, education, training, etc.) and must be aware that EVERY member should be involved in this endeavor.”

The committee, which met diligently and prayerfully, consisted of a banker, a teacher, a housewife, a contractor, a CPA, an employee of a utility company, and two gentlemen who worked for the state of New York.  This is to say that here was a group of “ordinary” people that were seeking God’s plans for the “new work.”

At the onset of this journey there was no pastor to shepherd this flock.  We were a group of people totally dependent upon Him to lead and provide (Zechariah 4:6). His leading throughout the months of planning, was both obvious and unique.  An ongoing occurrence of events and confirmations provided, for this committee, the desire to persevere.