How to Join FFC

How to join Faith Fellowship Church:

The Bible, through both Jesus Christ and NT epistle writers, points out that active membership of a local church body is necessary for believer’s encouragement, protection, and instruction. At Faith Fellowship Church (FFC), we have adopted the term “Committed Broken Servants” or “CBSers” in lieu of the term “membership”. As we use the term CBSers it reminds us of who we are: committed to following Jesus Christ, broken by our personal sin; fully reliant on God’s grace; and servants of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. We seek to carry out this vision through the following process, by which CBSers become part of FFC.

Intro to FFC Classes:

We welcome everyone to attend "Intro to FFC". It is a 13 week series, offered during 9:30am Bible Classes on Sunday mornings. During these classes, the “Intro to FFC” curriculum is studied.

We like to have everyone in the class present every week. Faithfulness is evidence of God’s Spirit bearing fruit in a life. However, we recognize the possibility of circumstances that result in the need to make up a class. Those who miss a class are responsible to obtain that class’s CD (available by marking feedback slip or emailing a request to ), to listen and fill in the blanks of the “Intro to FFC” curriclum, and to complete the assigned reading.

If those who have completed the classes, made a profession of faith and have been baptized desire to join FFC, the next step would be to interview with an elder. Based on the Elder's recommendation they would then be able to be presented to the church membership to join FFC.

Committed Broken Servant Interview:

The prospective CBSer meets with a pastor or elder to provide basic biographical information and recount God’s converting work in his/her life. After signing the Church Covenant, the prospective CBSer may move to the next step: elder recommendation.

Elder Recommendation:

At a regularly scheduled elders’ meeting, the pastors and elders review the applicants’ testimony. Upon receiving their collective approval, the candidate’s application proceeds to the next step: congregational affirmation.

Congregational Affirmation:

During a CBS Testimony night, the elders guide the applicants desiring to become CBSers to share their testimony in front of the congregation. At a following service, a pledge is made between the body and those being admitted into membership.

Student Servants

Those ages 13-19 who desire to serve but not yet become a Committed Broken Servant, may do so after attending two Student Servant Training Classes - covering the Gospel, the Child Protection Policy, and FATR teaching (Faithful, Available, Teachable, Respectful). Student servants reaching the age of 20 will be contacted by the church and informed that at age 20, if they wish to continue serving, the step of becoming a CBSer would need to be taken.