2018 IABC Eastern Regional Conference


May 3-5, 2018


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General Sessions: 

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Super Sufficiency of God’s Word - 2 Timothy 4:1-5

Today many churches & Christians suffer from Scriptural malnourishment…a great hunger for solid, biblical preaching filled with practical truth & the power of God. Sadly, many are more concerned w/ cultural preference than w/ preaching the truth. Sermons based on Scripture have been reduced to ‘Messages’, little more than a few anecdotes, some jokes, a few movie clips, & some pop-psychology. *Jesus’ command in John 21:16 “feed my sheep”


Head on a Swivel - 2 Timothy 2:1-2

Ever feel like you’re trying to push a rope uphill? We can spend countless hours trying to herd goats, but biblical wisdom is to be aware of where God is working & join Him. In promoting biblical counseling, we must have our head on a swivel, be alert to those who are faithful and invest our most valuable commodity God has given us, our time.


Well Driven Nails - Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

Preaching/teaching/counseling with such a divinely driven passion, that just like well driven nails hold firmly so the purpose, the aim is to leave no questions regarding what the Lord is saying to us in His word.


Seeing the Individual Amid the Crowd - John 5:1-17

When most were trying not to see the hurting & the hopeless, Jesus Christ in His compassion could not miss seeing the individual amid so many others. Yet it was this individual who erupted with praise for the One who heals the broken hearted.


Nice Club or Christ’s Club? - Jeremiah 6:16-30

Do I exhibit the mind of a mercenary or the heart of a missionary? Taking a look at the contrast between doing ministry for my own glory or for the glory of God, kingdom of mine vs. the Kingdom of Thine. Biblical counselors don’t dispense Scripture, ‘here are 2 John 3:16’s & call me in the morning’, no they minister Scripture, giving hope to the hopeless.


Ancient Madness vs. Modern Mental Illness (Session 1 of 2)

Today’s prominent psychiatrists (who control and sustain the construct of mental illness) insist that normalcy and mental illness cannot be objectively determined or defined. Yet they assert that their constructs of human abnormalities contained in the DSM-5 should be believed and applied dogmatically. But if normal is subjective and imprecise, then how can deviances from a non-existent standard logically exist objectively? What if an objective definition does exist, however, and discovering its essential elements simplifies the concept of madness/psychosis and exposes exactly why secularists cannot or refuse to objectively define normalcy and mental illness? In order to answer these questions, the original definition of madness found in Scripture will be compared and contrasted with the current accepted psychiatric theory. 


Ancient Madness vs. Modern Mental Illness (Session 2 of 2)

The modern psychiatric constructs of psychosis (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar, dissociative Identity disorder . . .) and the secular theory referred to as the "dimensional approach" will be examined more carefully and compared with the first recorded historical examples of psychosis. Likewise, the content and cause of delusions and hallucinations will be investigated more thoroughly. Is madness truly an abnormality, or is madness an unfortunate and impairing aspect of human nature? 

 Workshop Sessions:


Give Them Truth

Teaching our children, the ancient words of their Abba Father, to grow them into an everlasting love relationship with Him.  Words that transform their hearts and renew their minds reflecting Christ Jesus, so that they may experience the joy that comes from living out the gospel of peace.


Slaying the Ancient/Modern Giant of Depression

When we have failed to believe  the basic truth ...that His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness (2 Peter 1:3), the end result can be tragic. What do you do or what do you tell others to do when they are battling depression? Or more importantly, what did God say to do? Ultimately God is more interested in our character than our comfort!


Standing Firm and Remaining  Faithful

We all face trials and persecutions in our lives and the way our world is going, it looks like we will face greater persecution. Many times in the midst of trials and persecution we will bail or buckle (become depressed). In this session we want to look at how we as true Christians will stand firm and remain faithful. We will see how Jesus Christ will give us the victory over every circumstance and we will also look at 4 basic disciplines we need in our lives to pursue faithfulness.



Cost of Discipleship

We allow our children to fill up their schedule with so much, they have school, homework, work, sports, plays, musicals, different school clubs, other extra-curricular activities, etc. Not only do we allow them to fill up their schedules, but we also allow them to cut church out of their lives if they are feeling overwhelmed or too busy. In this session we are going to be studying how we, as parents and Student Ministry leaders can teach commitment to Christ and the local church. We are also going to be looking at how we can disciple students and one another on a daily basis.


Ancient Paths from Psalm 1

Is Psalm 1 still relevant for our modern times?  In this workshop, Rose will go through this Psalm verse by verse and looking at how counselors can apply this wealth of wisdom in our counseling sessions.


Biblical Counseling from Peter’s Perspective

If you are counseling friends and family members who are  suffering or fearful , what do you counsel?  While fear might motivate the unbelieving masses, it should not capture the Christian.

1 Peter is a valuable letter  for addressing fear, because it was written to believers who may have had to relocate to the outer edges of the Roman Empire due to persecution during Nero’s reign.
Fear, confusion, and uncertainty could have been daily experiences for these people. In his letter, Peter specifically encourages us how to be strengthened and instructed by  God’s relationship to our frightening trials.


Teaching a Child to Pay Attention

Many people falsely believe that children naturally pay attention correctly, and that they normally give their attention to the right objects/values. Yet, the Bible reveals in the book of Proverbs that a child’s paying attention rightly is a difficult task and one of the parents’ most important responsibilities. Furthermore, Proverbs offers a clear pattern of how parents and teachers can teach children to pay attention and to what they should give their attention. This session will provide an overview of how to teach a child to pay attention according to God’s design.  


Q & A – Discipling Young Adults

This session is geared towards helping parents and youth leaders to come alongside students and engage in a meaningful relationship with them and to help them in their walk with Christ.  Submitted questions will be discussed during this session in regards to discipling young adults.


The Other Side of Biblical Counseling Ministry

Do you have a “waiting list” for your biblical counseling ministry?

Do you feel overwhelmed with too many counselees?

Is your biblical counseling ministry losing ground?

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I like to call it the “other side” of biblical counseling ministry. In this workshop you will learn what it means to move from a church with a biblical counseling ministry to being a biblical counseling church. You will learn some strategies for helping people avoid the crises which bring them to the counseling room. 


Graduating your Counselee

 Can you know where you are headed with a counselee even before you get started?  What changes need to happen with your counselee during the process? How do you know when the counseling process is complete?  This workshop will answer these questions and help you approach your counseling with more confidence.


Dealing with Emotional Affairs in Marriage

In this workshop Jeff and Rose will be looking at emotional affairs.  What kind of devastating effects can it have in a marriage?  Is it considered sin?  How do they get started?  How can a spouse guard their hearts from falling into this trap.


Discerning Forgiveness from Reconciliation

Many people think they struggle to forgive because their ease and freedom in a relationship is restricted by the other’s sin.  While there may be a lack of forgiveness, there might also be an absence of true reconciliation.  In this workshop we will explore some principles to discern lack of forgiveness from absence of reconciliation and how we can seek to resolve them Biblically.


Leaving a Legacy

 Leg-a-cy (lěg'ə-sē) Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor. Everyone has a legacy. What will yours be? Will your children say you walked with God or ran from Him? Will your grandchildren receive an inheritance of earthly riches or heavenly ones? Will the ancient truths that God handed down to you be passed on to those who follow after you? In this workshop, Pastor Kevin Hurt draws our attention to the life and legacy of Enoch as he shows us how walking with God can impact generations to come.


Choices and Children

This workshop will consider how biblical counseling and Pregnancy Center operation work hand-in-hand, through the first-hand story of Choices Pregnancy Center. Four biblical priorities for counseling and discipling single moms will be presented. 


Preserving Godly Foundations Part 1~ Acts 20:24-28

God has placed 4 basic institutions in the earth, which are foundational to society.  They are FAMILY, GOVERNMENT, ISRAEL & THE CHURCH.  In one of his final messages,  the Apostle Paul calls the leadership of that day to remind them of how important it is to be vigilant & share the Gospel which is able to preserve God's people in a sinful society.  Acts 20:17-31


 Preserving Godly Foundations Part 2~ Acts 20:24-28

God has placed 4 basic institutions in the earth, which are foundational to society.  They are FAMILY, GOVERNMENT, ISRAEL & THE CHURCH.  In one of his final messages,  the Apostle Paul calls the leadership of that day to remind them of how important it is to be vigilant & share the Gospel which is able to preserve God's people in a sinful society.  Acts 20:17-31


Blazing Bright through IABC

Are you a pastor, wondering what impact Biblical Counseling could make in your church? Are you a student of the Word, wondering whether certification as a Biblical Counselor is for you? This workshop will walk you through the path toward certification, and offer opportunity for interaction about the challenges of keeping counsel on the ancient path.


What Should I Do When I'm Disappointed with Life?

This workshop will cover the Biblical principles for dealing with disappointments that come our way.  We will look at why we are so prone to disappointment and God's solutions for disappointment.  This will also be helpful for those struggling with depression or for counselors who are meeting with depressed counselees.


Walking the Ancient Path as Men and Women of God

This workshop will consider God’s distinctive calling for men and women. We will look practical aspects of biblically counseling couples by bringing God’s Word and wisdom into difficult interactions.