IABC Conference


May 3-5, 2018 

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Ancient Paths
Modern Culture

God's Word provides unwavering and enduring wisdom and hope. 
For every problem and difficulty encountered today, Scripture is relevant, sufficient, and authoritative. Come, learn how to travel God's ancient path in this modern culture.

2018 IABC Eastern Regional Conference Speakers may include but are not limited to:

Ed Bulkley

Kevin Hurt

Bob Froese

Jeff Colon

Dan Bulkley

Mike Robinson

Doug Markesbery

Daniel Berger

Diane Marksbery

Rose Colon

Frank Snyder

Val Bartholomew

Lisa Woodard

Kurt Froese

Ruth Froese

Brian Wright

Marlowe Bulkley

Melanie Hammond

Conference General Session Descriptions:

Session #1-Ed Bulkley

2 Timothy 4:1-5 Super Sufficiency of God’s Word

Today many churches & Christians suffer from Scriptural malnourishment…a great hunger for solid, biblical preaching filled with practical truth & the power of God. Sadly, many are more concerned w/ cultural preference than w/ preaching the truth. Sermons based on Scripture have been reduced to ‘Messages’, little more than a few anecdotes, some jokes, a few movie clips, & some pop-psychology. *Jesus’ command in John 21:16=”feed my sheep”.

Session #2-Kevin Hurt

2 Timothy 2:1-2 Head on a Swivel

Ever feel like you’re trying to push a rope uphill? We can spend countless hours trying to herd goats, but biblical wisdom is to be aware of where God is working & join Him. In promoting biblical counseling, we must have our head on a swivel, be alert to those who are faithful and invest our most valuable commodity God has given us, our time.

Session #3-Dan Bulkley

Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 Well Driven Nails

Preaching/teaching/counseling with such a divinely driven passion, that just like well driven nails hold firmly so the purpose, the aim is to leave no questions regarding what the Lord is saying to us in His word.

Session #4-Jeff Colon

John 5:1-17 Seeing the Individual Amid the Crowd

When most were trying not to see the hurting & the hopeless, Jesus Christ in His compassion could not miss seeing the individual amid so many others. Yet it was this individual who erupted with praise for the One who heals the broken hearted.

Plenary #5-Bob Froese

Jeremiah 6:16-30 Nice Club or Christ’s Club?

Do I exhibit the mind of a mercenary or the heart of a missionary? Taking a look at the contrast between doing ministry for my own glory or for the glory of God, kingdom of mine vs the Kingdom of Thine. Biblical counselors don’t dispense Scripture, ‘here are 2 John 3:16’s & call me in the morning’, no they minister Scripture, giving hope to the hopeless.

Limited free housing is available from the Faith Fellowship Church family, but it’s limited, so please phone the Biblical Counseling Center to indicate your interest (716) 759-0591. Thank you.