Biblical Counseling

What is Biblical Counseling?

  • Rather than a program or system, it’s a Savior – Jesus Christ.
  • Rather than a theory or textbook, it’s absolute truth – the Bible.
  • Rather than therapy or medication, it’s God’s way – truth in love.
  • Rather than strategies or coping mechanisms, it offers everything that’s needed for life and godliness – Divine Power.

We live in a fallen world, and there’s no doubt that life can be hard. In the struggles of life, you can be helped to consider how God wants to use it for your good. Biblical counseling takes you to Jesus Christ for what you really need to be “set free.”  For information, please see Biblical Counseling for You or call Faith Fellowship Biblical Counseling Center at (716) 759-0591.


In the grace of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the church is called to wise and effective ministry of the Word of God. The entire body is involved in the ministry of discipleship. If you seek to be enriched and strengthened as a disciple-maker, or equipped as a biblical counselor, attend the annual semester of biblical counseling training. For information, please see Biblical Counselor Training


As the church is called to wise and effective ministry of the Word of God, Faith Fellowship offers three annual weekends of training through FFBCC. These training weekends are open to all who seek to be enriched as disciple-makers, or equipped as biblical counselors. For information, please see Training Weekends .


FFC hosts an annual conference for the International Association of Biblical Counselors. This commerce-free conference features a variety of biblical counselors as speakers and provides encouraging fellowship for anyone desiring to grow in Christ.