Welcome to FFC Women's Ministry


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WOW Groups - Women Of the Word

At FFC, we strive to obey Titus 2:3-5 where older women disciple younger women to think and live according to biblical womanhood (Titus 2:3-5). We live in a world that is confused and conflicted regarding womanhood, so FFC women’s ministry provides at least four forums that take us to Scripture for answers. We long to joyfully pass on the legacy of Biblical womanhood  through discipleship. For more information on women's discipleship, please download a brochure.

Join a Wow Group in 2018! What a fantastic way to grow in biblical womanhood with your sisters in Christ. You'll meet four times this year and you'll meet with the same group next year. Tuesday morning WOW groups meet in January and February during our regular Ladies Bible Study time (10-11:30 am).  Currently, evening groups are meeting.  These groups meet in various homes at various locations, some during spring, and some during summer. Those that want to be part of a group that meets in the evening, please email  for further information. There is sure to be one that suits your schedule!  Childcare is provided for the Tuesday morning groups only. 

If you were part of an evening WOW Group 2018, your leader will contact you with information and to provide your copy of "Women of the Heavenly Father:  A Door Into Titus 2:3-5" 

Here's the study material for the 2016-2018 WOW groups:

Women of the Heavenly Father

“Women of the Savior Jesus: Christ’s Conversations with Women”


“Women of the Holy Spirit: A Window into Biblical Womanhood”


"Women of the Heavenly Father: A Door into Titus 2:3-5" 


In each of the 2016-2018 WOW Groups, there will be some women already acquainted with and disciplined in what we are studying from God’s Word, able to provide hopeful encouragement to those joining a group for the first time.

One-on-One Discipleship

Of course, Christian women will seek and welcome relationships wherein we are held accountable to growth. One important aspect of such accountability relationships is Scripture memory. But also, there are seasons of life, or various circumstances, where it would be helpful to be biblically coached by an older woman. Therefore, we offer older woman (as defined by the Titus 2:3 standards) willing to walk with you in a disciple-making relationship. If you desire someone to biblically help you work on your specific goals for Christ-likeness, and would be faithful to a discipleship commitment, please call or email Karen, 759-6632 or  

Discipleship Resources

The following Bible Studies can be downloaded to help you work on growing to be more like Jesus Christ. They include instructions to help you use them in discipleship between an older and younger woman.

The following book is a practical Biblical apologetic on the role of women, and includes discussion questions so you can use it for discipleship - with open Bibles.

The following book is a discipleship resource for mothers to use with with their daughters (age Jr. High and older), to encourage Biblical interaction.

 Biblical Counseling

If you’re feeling hopeless or don’t know where to turn, why not make an appointment to meet with a biblical counselor?  You’ll receive an application when you call 759-0591. God’s Word offers hope for every situation you may encounter. Please visit the Biblical Counseling for You webpage.