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They Sought The Manger

They Sought The Manger

Dec 17, 2017

Passage: Luke 1:46-55

Preacher: Kurt Froese

Series: Christmas 2017

Category: Christmas

Keywords: christ, christmas, jesus christ, luke, manger


This week’s sermon will be focusing on the coming down and emptying of Jesus Christ. This begins with the humility of being born in a manger, and is lived out in the picture we see of Jesus through the Gospels. Centering on who Jesus says He is and what He came to do in John 6:35-40, how the writer of Luke saw Him in Luke 6:17-19, and what He sacrificed ultimately for us in Mark 15:29-30. We will take a journey through the Gospels endeavoring to understand the humility which identifies the One who's name is "above every name” (Philippians 2).