HOPE for a Hurting World
May 2-4, 2019

At HOPE Conference 2019, we desired to equip conference attendees with Scriptural truth for direct help in common struggles. Speakers covered topics such as depression, PTSD, and sexual addiction, and more. As well as learning Biblical principles to apply relevant hope in tough issues, folks were encouraged by personal testimonies of victory. You can hear recordings from the HOPE Conference 2019 here:


  • Brian Wright - Hope of Glory  
  • Daniel Berger - Biblical Hope for those Labeled with Bipolar
  • Mark HagerA Living Hope for the Hurting
  • Bob Froese - Living contented in a Sex-Saturated Society
  • Jeff Colon - Finding Hope through Repentance
  • Mark Shaw - PTSD, Biblical Compassion and Hope
  • Daniel Berger - Biblical Hope for those with PTS(without D) 
  • Bob Froese - The Process of Change


  • Daniel Berger -- Are There Truly Such Things as 'Antidepressants'
  • Kurt Froese -- Establishing Rules for Children in the Spirit of God
  • Mark Shaw -- Counseling an Addict's Enabler
  • Mike Robinson -- Hope in a Secure Salvation, Part 1
  • Mike Robinson -- Hope in a Secure Salvation, Part 2
  • Nathan Irving -- Hope for the Path of Life
  • Rose Colon -- Ministering Hope to the Hopeless
  • Brian Wright -- Hope for the Wanderers
  • Jeff Colon -- Helping the Homosexual
  • Jordan Yoshmine -- Hope for Those Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction
  • Kurt Froese -- Contemplative Prayer - A Guide for Children Afraid of Nothing and Everything
  • Mark Hager -- Hope - Understanding The Simple Use of Words to Resolve Conflict while Preserving Relationships
  • Melanie Hammond -- Finding Hope in Self-Forgetfulness
  • Ruth Froese -- Hope in the Face of Unspeakable Evil







Daniel Berger

Jeff Colon

Bob Froese

Mark Shaw

Plenary speakers and titles:

Brian Wright -  Thursday Plenary
Hope of Glory- 1 Peter 3:15 New International Version (NIV)
But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect..  Christian hope is a strong confidence in God which has power to produce changes in how we live. How are we encouraged to encourage others with the Living Hope we have in Christ?  What does it mean to be ready to make a case for your hope?  Wherein does this readiness consist?  How are we to get ready and stay ready?

Daniel R. Berger II  - Thursday Plenary
Plenary #1: Biblical Hope for Those Labeled with Bipolar
For many people, the constructs of bipolar disorder seem beyond biblical explanation, but as we will observe in our time together, the Bible explains these common responses to our fallen human condition as normal-impairing-reactions. Scripture not only discusses these common attempts to escape sorrow, hopelessness, and guilt, it does so thoroughly. Attendees will not only realize the vanity of trusting in oneself to escape sorrow, hopelessness, and guilt, but will also realize God’s sovereignty and goodness through our sorrow. The Bible and the DSM-5 both identify the same exact human struggles and reactions; they simply interpret, approach, and seek to remedy human nature from two opposing paradigms.

Mark Hager -  Friday Plenary
A Living Hope for the Hurting: The Power of Practical Theology in Suffering.
Text: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
We typically forget to consider the spiritual presuppositions that the Apostle Paul was armed with long before he was dealing with suffering. These are the spiritual truths that strengthened his faith in Christ in some of the most difficult situations. Paul maximized several basic principles of practical theology that we lost in our modern version of Christianity. We will no longer be diluted by the fog of Self-promoting doctrines of the godless philosophies that work on our hearts and minds.

Bob Froese - Friday Plenary
Living Contented in a Sex-Saturated Society
As Christians we find yourself living in a world that has a culture producing and overwhelming idolatry towards the physical, which includes sexual appetite. We will use scripture as a basis to renew our minds, not simply contented but also victorious, in our sex-saturated society.

Jeff Colon - Friday Plenary 
Finding Hope Through Repentance
Throughout the Scriptures the one indispensable condition of man’s forgiveness. freedom, and of his acceptance with God, which is insisted upon by all inspired writers, is repentance. It is, therefore, of great importance to have right view of this exercise or posture of the soul.

Mark Shaw - Saturday Plenary 
PTSD: Biblical Compassion & Hope
Learn how to think biblically about PTSD and offer hope compassionate care to those dealing with this real struggle. 

Daniel Berger - Saturday Plenary
Plenary #2: Biblical Hope for Post-Traumatic Stress (without the D)
The number of people being diagnosed with what is commonly framed as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and categorized within psychiatric thinking as disordered/abnormal is growing rapidly. But what if ongoing distress is a right and normal response to the modern concept of trauma? What if PTS is not a disorder at all, but is as Scripture declares it to be: a normal part of the human condition? Thankfully, Scripture not only discusses the concept of PTS, it offers a clear explanation and remedy that enables endurance and maturity no matter what degree of trauma one has experienced in their life.

Bob Froese - Saturday Plenary 
Fighting Our Addiction to Autonomy
There's a growing epidemic within the church! We've all encountered it in our disciple-making. It's inevitable, because we were born with the propensity to be Lone Rangers, trying to do life in our own power. How can we battle the mindset that we are Robinson Crusoe Christians? In this session , we'll talk about how to usher souls away from making decisions in a vacuum, and rather work together in vibrant relationships within the body of Christ. From 1 Corinthians 1:1-9, we will learn four antidotes that battle our addiction to autonomy.


Check back often for updates to HOPE 2020.  Ages high school & up are welcome! Any minors are to be accompanied  by an adult. Childcare is not provided.