CrossWired Student Ministries exists as a part of the local body here at Faith Fellowship Church and being such, will contribute with excellence to FFC’s overall mission and vision. Cross Wired Youth Ministry exists to come along side parents to encourage and support them in any way necessary in the training of their children for the glory of God. Cross Wire Youth Ministry exists to reach nonbelieving students, to connect students with each other, to help them grow in the their faith, to encourage them to serve others, and to honor God with their lives.
We are completely committed to teaching the Word of God since it is the authority over our lives. We are committed to pursuing holiness, continually making changes in our lives in order to be better reflections of Jesus Christ. We are committed to joining and serving the Body of Christ. We are committed to maintaining Godly relationships. We are committed to ministering to the lost. And last but not least, we are committed to choosing joy, we seek to live joyfully regardless of our circumstances or the way we are being treated.
Come join us as we seek to grow closer to each other and God through the Word of God.
ReFuel takes place on Wednesday nights. This is an opportunity for the students to get together midway through the week and encourage one another and hold each other accountable. If you really want to get to know your fellow peers then this is a night that you do not want to miss out on.

Rethink takes place on Sunday mornings. Every Sunday morning starts out with a great breakfast provided by one of our very own students. After we spend time getting to know one another over breakfast we get together in Jr. and Sr. high classes and study God’s Word.