All ages are represented at FFC. Children and young families mingle with students of high school and college age, as well as seniors. Sunday morning attendance is between 200 – 300 people. You’ll find all types of dress, from business-casual, to jeans, to suits. People are friendly, but as we often have many visitors, please be bold and introduce yourself.


On Sunday morning at 10:00am we gather for Bible classes for all ages, which provide an opportunity to learn about God’s Word and our lives in informal settings. So come a little early for a time of fellowship, grab a coffee and join a class. There’s a map with information available at the Welcome Center in the foyer, so you’ll know where the classrooms are for all ages.


The music we sing at FFC is a blend of old and new—both choir (once a month) and worship teams. We equally enjoy the doctrinally rich hymns of centuries past and doctrinally sound music and rhythms of our day. A special treat occurs when the children sing for the congregation! But, rather than performed music which tends to spotlight the abilities of some while encouraging passivity in the rest, music at FFC emphasizes congregational singing, involving musicians of many ages and instruments--the gathered body singing praise to God with one voice.

Body of Service:

Our worship service formally begins at 11:00am. It includes singing, prayer, a brief children’s message after which children are dismissed to junior church, an expository message, and giving of offerings and tithes. Be sure to read the weekly bulletin to keep current on what’s happening at FFC.


Preaching at FFC is expositional, seeking to declare the point of a particular Bible passage. Over several months, messages will navigate through an entire book of the Bible, from both the Old and New Testaments. Sermons usually last around 45 minutes and always include practical application of our lives to what we have heard.

Post Sermon:

A musical selection allowing time for quiet reflection typically follows the message, and also there are occasional weeks when we do the bulk of our singing at the end of the service. There's no rush to leave as people tend to linger in the foyer where coffee is available.